Company Registration | Company Formation in Bangladesh

Company registration is the first process of Company formation in Bangladesh. If you want to start a company business in Bangladesh, at first you need to collect a name clearance certificate from RJSC, afterword we prepare memorandum of association and articles of association and pay Govt. fees of the company registration at steeled Bank of/by RJSC (Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms) in Bangladesh. Read more »

VAT Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

VAT Registration Certificate in Bangladesh is an essential document for most of the business in Bangladesh; it can be needed of company business, partnership, proprietorship, Joint Venture Company or foreign company. It is the new dimension in the revenue collecting arena of government in Bangladesh after tax. Read more »

Business Sectors in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the first growing business hubs for all over the world. Ready made garments is the main business sectors in Bangladesh.There have huge opportunities of business as like trading, manufacturing industry, agro- biased industry, frozen food industry, IT sector, truism & leisure activities etc. Read more »

Company Registration in Bangladesh

Company Registration in Bangladesh is a quite easy process. Company registration/ formation is the essential part of international and local business in the world to start a business with separate legal entity. Bangladesh is not different from it. Read more »

Export Registration Certificate | ERC Bangladesh

Export Registration Certificate  is mandatory for any kind of export business in Bangladesh.Bangladesh exports more than hundreds products and services to most of the countries in the world. The main exporting products are Readymade Garments, Leather and Leather Goods, Frozen Foods, Jute and Jute Goods etc. The main buyers of Bangladesh are USA, EU Countries and Canada. There are plenty of scopes to start a profitable export oriented business in Bangladesh. Read more »

Import Registration Certificate | IRC Bangladesh

Import Registration Certificate or IRC is a mandatory documents to start a import business in Bangladesh.Bangladesh is called an emerging tiger in South Asia. Trade and business in Bangladesh is growing very fast. More than 60% of its trade has taken globally. There are many opportunity to start business in Bangladesh. Read more »

TIN Bangladesh | TIN Certificate

TIN Bangladesh. TIN (Taxpayer’s Identification Number) Certificate is very important documents for Bangladeshi personnel.TIN is a unique number NBR (National Board of Revenue) if apply any body. At present about forty lac TIN Certificate holder in Bangladesh of which only eight lac pay tax. Govt. is seeking to increase TIN Certificate holder as well as Tax payer for getting more revenue. Read more »